Thursday, 25 July 2013

Vang Vieng

So with high expectations and looking for a good time we headed to the piss-up capital of Laos. Upon arrival it was clear that its hayday had been and gone. All that was left behind was a slight ghost town with many empty bars and restaurants playing the same repeats of Friends and Family Guy!

That said, we made some more friends on the bus ride and were all determined to make the most of our time in Vang Vieng. Our first night out was a bit of a corker. Everyone headed to The Moon, where we threw some serious shapes and tried to figure out who was male and who was female - not an easy task.

The next day was a rainy affair so our trip to the Blue Lagoon was called off and instead we spent our day in the Aussie Bar with Rose, Jackie and Josh, playing pool and eating western food. Unfortunately for Imy it didn't go down too well with her gut and a serious bout of food poisoning kicked in around 4am.

Tubing was looking like it would be off the cards but, again, Imy-the-trooper pulled through and at midday we all headed out to grab some tubes and bob down the river. Luckily, we'd managed to get quite a big group together, despite the desolate town. Kat and Jackie had some serious issues when it came to tubing, and while the others floated effortlessly down the river to the first bar, they could be seen splashing about as they frantically tried to catch up. The first bar was great, with free shots, beer pong and volley ball. The second bar wasn't so great but we got creative and played some drinking games. The alcohol didn't help Kat's coordination much and tubing became an everincreasing impossible task.

Get us to the river

Time to float

One of only two bars left
Whooping everyone at beer pong...


After a great day, we arrived back at the hotel to find that yet again Laos had attacked the tourists, and Jackie & Josh's hotel room had been robbed. Wanting to leave ASAP, we arranged a bus to Viantiene, so we could get a flight down to Bangkok and avoid any more palava crossing borders etc. We checked ourselves into a nicer-than-normal hotel in the hope that no more sh**t would be hitting the fan. Everything went according to plan and before we knew it, we were heading to the relative safety of Bangkok. 

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