Thursday, 25 July 2013

Chile - Santiago

With only three full days in Chile, we needed to make the most of it. In true Kat and Imy style though, we managed to arrive on a day of protests, so there were more police in the streets than civilians. We don't know whether this made us feel better or worse. Jet lagged and knackered, we forced ourselves to have a little wonder round and made it to a museum (where everything was written in Spanish), before giving in and heading back to the hostel where we fell straight to sleep at around 6pm. Around 8pm, we forced ourselves to get up and grab some pizza before caving in to the zeds yet again.

No idea what the signs said

Back bend

Day 2 in Santiago and we managed to make a friend called Tyson. He took us to some local markets before we headed to Plaza de Armas for some Completos Italianos (thanks Kat VB for that one!) - amazing hot dogs with tomato, guacamole and sour cream. YUM. Next up was a free walking tour with a really cute Spanish tour guide, who showed us around and filled us in on some top facts. That night we treated ourselves to some authentic Chilean cuisine (casserole) and some amazing Chilean wine. Another early night was on the cards, in preparation for a big day of SKIING!

Fresh veg anyone

Sick flowers

Imy's heaven...

Cute guide in church/cathedral

Good grub
SKIING!! We opted to go to the larger mountain because we were promised more slopes and better skiing. Unfortunately, the mountain had other ideas and we found ourselves stuck halfway up the mountain. Unable to turn the minibus around and with precious skiing minutes slipping away, Kat put a scarf over her head and had a minor breakdown. When she had calmed down she had to get off the bus like everybody else and help push the bus to see if we could get it free! Eventually we did and our adventure was back on track!

Lift time

Whoopsie daisy


And pose


When we got to the mountain the clouds came down making it hard to see but with the fresh powder under our skis there was no stopping us. Finally, the weather cleared, revealing some cracking scenery for our final few runs. With a great day's skiing under our belts, we headed back to Santiago feeling extremely chuffed with how the day had turned out. 

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