Sunday, 24 March 2013

Jodhpur: The Blue City

We reluctantly left beautiful Udaipur for the blue city. We checked out the clock tower and some of the bazaars, where the charm of a cute Indian girl wooed us into splashing out on saris. 

India in a picture: saris, cows, rickshaw, moped and monuments.

She conned us all..

We watched the sun set over the fort from a very fancy restaurant that was just a tad out of our price range, so we only stayed for the one beer. 


The fort was a 20 minute trek up a steep incline, so halfway up we stopped off for brekki at a guesthouse that was packed to the rafters with Chinese people. To get anyone's attention, the owner would just shout, 'hey China'! It was pretty funny but maybe you had to be there. After our refuel, we made it to the top to some pretty amazing views and a new understanding of why it was called the blue city. 

Uphill slog  

Enjoying the view

We tried our hardest to pay attention to the audio guide but by stop 8 of 33 our attention had dwindled and we explored the fort grounds for ourselves. Michael found himself as the newest member of a band, which resembled the Indian version of a salvation army band. Unfortunately, their valiant efforts were drowned our by a lone man and his recorder, who sat opposite the band and parped away in a tuneless fashion. 

Mike and the gang


Due to a rather dodgy choice of dinner venue, we arrived at the train station two hours early (rookie mistake) and were awarded the honor of being stared at nonstop, with people actively moving closer for a better look. Finding the experience slightly uncomfortable, it was a relief to get on the train to Jaisalmer.

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