Saturday, 16 March 2013

Rajasthan: Udaipur

On arrival we soon found out they filmed a bit of Octopussy here...not that they go on about it at all. We haggled like mad and got ourselves a sweet set up in the palace suite of Lake Shore. It looks out over Lake Pichola and City Palace - dreamy.


City Palace was as beautiful on the inside as it was from the outside and gave us some cracking views over Udaipur; India's most romantic city. To see what all the fuss was about, we watched Octopussy in the evening and managed to pick out our hotel in one of the shots.

Romance rears its ugly head

Hmmmm interesting

Lake Pichola

We hopped on a boat that took us around the lake and stopped off at Jag Niwas, which is home to a palace and some rather cheeky guards.

Feeling needy

His lucky day

We figured nothing is more romantic than a nice meal and a movie. So with this Western ideal, we headed for yet another McDonald's, followed by the cinema, offering us a nice break from the madness of India. It was certainly an experience having to go through security before entering and they even confiscated Kat's cigs, leaving her feeling like a naughty school girl. 

Next stop: Jodhpur, the blue city!! 

Lots of love, Kat and Imy xx

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