Saturday, 9 March 2013

North Goa: Anjuna

After 2 hours in a taxi (flashpackers) we arrived in Anjuna and stumbled into the nearest guesthouse with throbbing headaches and bleary eyes from the night before. When we awoke from our nap, we realised we'd    managed to wangle a 3-bedroom suite (flashpackers). A quick stroll down the cow-ridden beach brought us to the infamous flea market, where we were immersed in hareems galore!


To ease our flashpacking guilt, we got local buses to Old Goa. This involved getting on not just one but three local buses! Surprisingly the journey went without a hitch and we didn't once have to put up with a sweaty pit in our be honest we were probably the sweatiest beasts on the bus. We can't quite remember the history of Old Goa, but there was a massive cathedral called Se Cathedral and another big church called Bom Jesus Basillica, which were very impressive. We stopped for lunch at a local Indian restaurant and finally felt like we weren't getting ripped off. All was going well until Imy found a bug in her half-eaten bread bun. It put us off a bit. All churched out, we headed back on the bus to Anjuna, extremely chuffed that we had managed to do the return trip for 60p!

Outside Bom Jesus

Leaning tower of Treesa

Ginger one-fingered Jesus

Making fwends

The next day, we decided to work on our tans. Sunbathing with cows and frequently getting papped by the locals, we succeeded in cooking ourselves like crispy duck and instigated a bout of sun stroke. Not great. The next day was spent recovering in bed - we are such whities.

Hardcore cows

Quote from Imy's diary, 3rd March 2013: "Whilst packing, a dog came outside our door and laid down. We were not expecting what followed at all. The dog got its willy out (at least 4-5 inches) then started licking and playing with itself. It was rank and the dog ovo got embarrassed and went round the corner to finish himself off."

Next stop: Hampi. Finally we were getting out of  Anjuna, which turned out to not be such a great place for us...especially as this was the start of Kat's ongoing Delhi belly.

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