Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Colombia: Bogotá

So we finally arrived in Bogotá excited to be meeting up with Bex and Livvy we get to the hostel to the biggest anti-climax possible... neither of them around. We found Olivia playing an 8yr old American kid at chess! Or atleast we think it was Livvy - it was hard to tell what with all the swelling.

Child's play..

Sibs reunited

With the team together at last, we sacked off the little kid and had a big ol' catch up before heading out for an evening of live jazz courtesy of Bex's new mate, Jesus.

You go Jesus

Fresh faced and bushy tailed, we decided to check out Monserrate; a big mountain with a great view over Bogotá. Yet again, we managed to hit a public holiday and the entire population of Bogotá had decided to make the pilgrimage to the top, meaning there was a three hour queue for the cable car. Instead, we wandered around Bogotá and stumbled upon a lovely little market, where Imy and Bex indulged in some retail therapy before we hit up a wicked little coffee van, where we were treated to a tinto each by a man with a Harley Davidson.

Showing them how it's done

Tinto time

Bums in Bogotá

That evening, we headed to a reggae festival in a massive park. It was a rather odd affair, which started with us being searched by the police twice and having lighters and hairclips confiscated. Once inside, we bobbed along to the reggae vibes for a while before giving in and hailing a cab.

We're jammin'


Soon enough, it was time to get back on a bus and head to the carribean coast for some sun!!

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