Monday, 19 August 2013

From Colombia (Ipiales) to Ecuador (Otavalo)

After a brief pitstop in Popayan, where a lady thought Kat was going to mug her (all we wanted was directions to the supermarket), we made our way to the border town of Ipiales. Livvy had done her research and told us about a church that spans a gorge, so we decided to spend a night in Ipiales in order to check it out.

Here it is...

Nice church

Spanning the gorge

There it is Liv

We then swiftly left and crossed the border into Ecuador. It was a smooth transition but we were glad that we had made the journey in the day, as there were plenty of shady characters lurking about. Once across, we hopped on a bus and within a couple of hours we were in Otavalo, a town famous for it's huge Saturday market. Unfortunately we arrived on a Monday and there was nothing more than a piddly market in the main square. We stumbled upon a nice old chap that made necklaces out of old coins and couldn't resist a little splurge.

Market town

Happy chappy

The coins he had already done

With little more to explore, we journeyed on to Quito to kickstart our Ecuadorian adventure.

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