Sunday, 1 September 2013

Ecuador: Quito

We had an interesting journey to Quito, thanks to a crazy American guy on the bus, who insisted on telling us about the punch up he had just had with his hostel owner. He then proceeded to tell us about the time he beat up a Chilean homeless man. Severely freaked out, when we arrived in Quito we hopped straight into a taxi to flee the looney.

However, after a few hours of relaxation at the hostel, low and behold, in walks captain crazy and he is swiftly checked into our room... which we in turn swiftly checked out of.

Itching to see what all the fuss was about, we hopped on a bus and made our way to Mitad del Mundo (the equator for those of you not in the know). Thankfully, Dumb and Dumber (Anne and Chloe) had already warned us not to go to the fake equator, which charges a ridiculous fee for you to take your photo approximately 300m away from the equator, so we headed down the road to the real one, breaking a toe along the way...Imy's feet have taken a real battering this trip.

The imposter

Intiñan museum was a blast. We had a really fun guide, who made up for the annoying little kids in our group, by getting us involved in all sorts of frivolities: we balanced eggs on nails and watched water go both ways through the plug hole, as it was placed on different sides of the line. Of course, a trip to the equator wouldn't be complete without the obligatory straddle photo, although it was hard to get Imy to step foot on the south.

Official equator
Middle earth

Ooooh flexy

We made some cracking mates in the hostel and had a great night out on the lash, with neither of us spending a penny due to the never-ending ladies' night.

With slightly sore heads, we had a look at the old town before catching our bus to Baños...the adventure capital of Ecuador.

Totally natural park pose 

Cathedral and mini Kat

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