Friday, 5 April 2013

Agra: The Taj Mahal

We got a day bus and opted for the luxury of A/C, which even included a free bottle of "Fosters" water. It tasted a bit dodgy, so we chucked it.

Agra is a bit of a one trick pony, as people only really visit for the Taj Mahal. Lucky for us, our hotel was only 500m away from the iconic attraction and it was from here that we had our first glimpse, which really got our tastebuds tingling!


We then had to get a wriggle on to Agra airport to pick up Lorun Cleeree (Imy's big sissy). On arrival, we had to go through three seperate armed gates, which was just a tad unnerving. An hour later than expected, Lauren rocked up!! We didn't mind the wait too much though because we made friends with all the other taxi drivers and they absolutely loved our homemade sign. We though we'd ease Lauren into Indian cuisine, so we opted for a Pizza Hut.

One of the locals

An early night was in order for our 5am start the following morning. We were buzzing with excitement as we made our way to the entrance gates. Kat and Imy split into two seperate queues to get in and once again Imy's was quicker...when will Kat learn?

The hundreds of pictures we had seen in no way compared to the breathtaking beauty of the rising sun on the Taj Mahal. It really was spectacular. We got a million  pics from every angle and loved every second of it.

Morning glory

Lads at Taj 2013

Lolz 'Kat we're touching the top of the Taj'

Family portrait

Taj frolick

A we weren't leaving till 9pm, and being the great tourists that we are, we also went to the red fort. It was a very fine fort and gave some more cracking views of the Taj. When we went to leave the fort, there was a group of about 50 school girls entering and they ran up to us shouting "hello" and wanting to shake all of our hands. For a brief two minutes we were like celebs...then they all ran off again.

Another day another fort

Katerina ballerina

Next stop Varanasi: flashpacking it in a taxi all the way there!! (slash we're rubbish travellers and forgot to sort trains in time)

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