Monday, 1 April 2013


We were all a little groggy and had no idea where to start, but Sheikh (a rickshaw driver) and his pal saved the day by taking us to The Water Palace and on a shopping spree. 

Water Palace

They took us to a cloth factory where they dye and print fabric before transforming it into various items of clothing, which are then distributed throughout the whole of India. We bought some snazzy presents for our mums (you're welcome!) and Kat splashed out on some artwork that will probably end up gathering dust in a drawer.

Michael showed off his skills in a quick game of cricket with some local kids, but the fun came to an abrupt end when one of our drivers pelted the ball over a wall - don't worry, they gave the kids some money for a new one. 

Michael getting owned by the Indians

We also casually stopped off to pet some elephants who were tucking into their dinner.

Bricking it

Cool as ice

On the way back, Imy used her dimples to their ultimate effect and managed to wangle a quick driving lesson in the rickshaw. She took to it like a duck to water and is considering a career path in ripping off tourists.

On day two in Jaipur, we trundled off to the Amber Fort, stopping off at another temple along the way.


At some tombs

 As we got out of the rickshaw, a man ran up to us with a cobra in a basket and started tooting his flute as he charmed the snake. He obviously didn't toot too well though because the snake tried to make a run for it! Imy was a tad scared to say the least.

The snake escape

Loads of fat tourists get elephant rides up to the fort, but we felt a bit sorry for the ellies, so we opted for the climb up instead. Yet again, the cost for tourists was 10 times that of Indians, so on principle we refused to pay (slash the curse of being tight strikes again). Instead, we admired the view and had an impromptu photo shoot with a very large Indian family. Kat finally got to actually hold a baby - happy days!

Kat never happier than with an Indian child

Amber Fort with the gang

Next Stop: Agra and finally the Taj Mahal..

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