Friday, 5 April 2013

Last stop in India: Delhi!

We headed straight to the main bazaar, which is like the traveller centre of Delhi and it reminded us of Khaosan Road in Bangkok. We took it easy the first day, as the next day was Holi and we had planned our whole trip around this colourful festival, so we wanted to be fully prepared. 

From the moment we set foot on the main street we were mobbed by Indians and Westerners alike, throwing coloured powder and water at us and smearing it across our faces as they wished us a happy Holi. At times, people got a little rough (and gropey) but overall it was a whole lot of fun! By the time we were done, we were covered in paint from head to toe and not a scrap of skin was left uncoloured. Unfortunately for some (Lauren) the paint mixed  and the resulting colour was that of a stool sample. This was mainly due to the excessive amount of water that was continually thrown at us. 



Group shot

Happy Holi

After all the excitement of the morning, we took refuge in our hotel room for the afternoon. A long shower and some heavy scrubbing later, blotchy rainbow hair still remained, accompanied by the fear that it may be permanent. 


The next day and some hardcore haggling later, we got a rickshaw to take us to see some sights for the morning. The first port of call was the Lotus temple, aptly named for its lotus flower shape. It reminded us a lot of the Sydney Opera House. The next stop was India Gate. This too was impressive but was rather similar to the Gateway to India in Mumbai! Finally, we visited the biggest Mosque in India and enjoyed the experience of watching them pray.

Lotus Temple

India Gate

Before we knew it, the Grandma of the group was turning 30! There was only one way to celebrate whilst in India...PAMPER DAY! We also ordered a dominoes and then headed out for some drinks in a swanky bar. There was live music from a chinese band that surpassed all of our expectations and they sang happy birthday to Lauren..much to her horror. 

Ooooohhh fancy

Turning 30 with multicoloured hair...seems a bit early for a midlife crisis!

With Kat stuck on the toilet yet again Imy and Lauren decided to explore a few more of Delhi's delights. We started with the Gandhi museum, which is where he was assassinated. It was a really beautiful and tranquil place. It all went a bit downhill after that, as we had to pay to go in the national museum so we opted out and some how ended up at a doll museum instead - freaky and not part of the plan. To calm ourselves down we resorted to some retail therapy.

Gandhi's last footsteps before being shot

After a fantastic, fast-paced and flabbergasting six weeks in India we are now moving on to the greener pastures of Sri Lanka.


Lots of Love Imy and Kat xx

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