Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sri Lanka: Week 2

A six hour taxi ride or snoozing off our Adam's Peak trauma, we arrived in beautiful Mirissa. We pulled up at a fancy hotel and managed to wangle a great deal for the three of us. We washed off any remaining evidence of the trek up Adam's Peak and went down to the beach for dinner. Loz and Imy played it safe with veg noodles but Kat went all our with a three-course fresh fish supper. She didn't anticipate that all three courses would come out at the same time, which made it a bit of a juggling act!! Good old Imy helped her out by eating her pudding - what are friends for?!



As soon as the sun rose there was no time to waste and we wandered down the beach to start the sun worshiping. The waves were pretty strong and the surfers were making the most of it. We ventured out for a little play, but when Lauren's breast flopped out we decided to leave the waves to the pros.
It's gonna get ya

"Guys, do something"

All looking rather rouge, we headed out for dinner on the beach again. The amount of fresh fish on offer got Kat pretty giddy and she opted for a sizable mullet, which she sucked the bones dry on. For Imy it was a fillet steak which came our looking like a dog had already had a go on it...apparently it tasted OK though.
Eyeball Paul

The next day we explored the beach a bit more and found a turtle conservation with lots of baby green turtles and we were lucky enough to hold some of the babas. We climbed a mount, which our calves didn't enjoy, but it gave a beautiful view of the beach.
So feeble

We jumped onto a local bus to get to Galle and encountered our first sad story of the Tsunami - our rickshaw driver told us about how he had lost family and his home. He was over the moon when we told him we were English because it was an Englishman that had come over to help him rebuild his home after the disaster. We can't get over how jolly everyone is despite their sad stories.
"You wanna sit...on my lap"

We stayed in Galle Fort and fell in love with a restaurant called Crepe-ology where we unashamedly returned for breakfast lunch and dinner!! A walking tour of the fort not only opened our eyes to the colonial heritage but we also stumbled upon a Sri Lankan movie being filmed and some tuk tuk drivers getting into a game of cricket.
Movie set

Tuk tuk cricket
So colonial

In need of some more beach time, we made our way to Hikkaduwa. We decided to live the high life for a day, so paid to use a pool at a fancy pants hotel. It was everything we hoped it would be and more,as included in our ticket was an all you can eat buffet! We helped ourselves to five different mains, fresh bread and cheese, and a couple of platefuls of mini deserts. We were in stomach-cramping heaven by the time we had finished. The pool wasn't too shabby either and afternoon tea topped off the day nicely! Lauren treated us to a "safe sex on the beach". Feeling rather smug with ourselves already, we couldn't believe it when we noticed turtles making their way down to the sea! They looked so feeble, fingers crossed they make it.
Sister love

Safe sex on the beach

Beach babe

We had a wicked night out at Funky de Bar, where we met a frenchy and a dutchy, who entertained us for the night! 
Jack Sparrow

Lover lover

Byeeee Lauren!!

It was a sad day when Lauren had to say goodbye, and in a moment of màdness Kat and Imy decided to go to Colombo for a night. As always, things weren't exactly plain sailing, as it was Sri Lànkan new year, meaning everything in the capital had shut down for the weekend. With our good intentions to visit museums shot to shit, we ended up hanging out in the air-conditioned bliss of McDonald's once again! We've decided to send evidence of Imy in every McDonald's to Mr McDonald in the hope that they'll give us some freebies.
Big Maclovin'

Sri Lanka rocked our socks off! Devvoed to leave and will definitely be back.
Next stop: Cambodia!!

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