Monday, 20 May 2013

Hoi An

We got the free shuttle bus from our hotel to the centre of Hoi An (Tailor Town). First order of the day was some brekki. While we ate, a nice man named Cuong approached us and within a couple of minutes we had signed up to an Easyrider tour with him, which would take us from Hoi An to Hue by motorbikes. It seemed that we were having an impulsive day, as a few minutes later we found ourselves in a tailor's shop that had not been recommended by anyone or any guide, and thirty minutes later Kat had ordered a "Burberry" trench coat. Cue minor breakdown upon exiting the tailors. 

"Oooohhh wwoooowww big bottom"

To cool Kat's nerves as much as anything, we went back to the hotel for a swim in the freezing cold pool. Later on, Kat persuaded Imy that we should go to the beach so we took the hotel's pushbikes and cycled to Am Bang beach. It was an absolute beauty and we ate lunch on our deckchairs. Imy fell asleep, leaving Kat to watch the Vietnamese kids play in the waves and the little round boats bob about in the water. 

Bike-ride view

Before she conked out

Bobbing about

That evening, we crossed the bridge and turned left to find the food stalls recommended by Meg. What a recommendation! We had Cao Lau (noodles, veg, pork and a sauce) and Crispy Wanton. It was the best food we had in vietnam! Big up Mr. Tien's.

Ooh yeah, good noods

D-Day dawned for Kat and it was time to see if the coat would in anyway match up to her high hopes.  Thankfully it did, otherwise Imy would have had a tantrum to deal with. Caught up in the excitement, Imy ordered a coat to be made that she didn't even want. We then biked around the old town, stopping at the Japanese Pagoda Bridge and the local market. Yet again, Imy got tempted by the tailors and ordered a made-to-measure pair of "Nike" trainers! There was no stopping her. In fear that we would blow our whole budget in a few days, we went back to the hotel for a sunbathing session. 


Career possibility


Japanese Pagoda bridge

On our way back into town, we bumped into Alex and Rose, who hopped on the back of our bikes and we went back to pick up Imy's new items. She was just as chuffed as Kat had been, and the Converse soles on the bottom of her Nike  trainers only added to their uniqueness. After meandering around the Old Town some more, we introduced Alex and Rose to Mr. Tien's, where we were received back with open arms, a big smile and free bananas.

Gutted that we couldn't stay longer in Hoi An, we headed back to the hotel to prepare for our bike tour. 

Next stop: Hoi Van Pass and the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

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