Friday, 3 May 2013

Koh Rong: The Island of Dreams

So our little boat trip started with a girl spewing in front of us all and Imy commenting, 'she better not come anywhere near me'. Anyway, she turned out to be Elaine and actually a pretty cool gal, accompanied by her equally hungover companion Eanna (pronounced like 'anal', but without the 'l').

Two hours later we arrived in heaven and were taken to Mr. Hain's guesthouse - the sweetest Cambodian man we have met and Kat's new best friend. Not only could we already see bright white sand and turquoise sea, but we also passed a litter of puppies!

Puppy love

Imy was off to start her PADI and Kat went off to explore what the Island had to offer. She didn't get very far though, as the beach near the pier was an absolute stunner, so she plonked herself down there for the day.

The main beach

The island speciality seems to be BBQ, especially BBQ fish, so that night we met up with Elaine, Eanna and a new friend Kiki (Dutch and only 17 years old!) for some top notch grub. After a couple of drinks we bedded down for our early start.

On her second day of the PADI Imy finally made it into the water, after her first day of theory/watching health and safety videos. Her super-hot Spanish instructer, Jorge (pronounced Hor-hey), broke her in gently, but she was still a little freaked out when it came to mask-taking-off-time, under the ocean, surrounded by sea urchins - spikey little cretins. She nailed that part, but unfortunately found getting onto the boat a little tricky and as per usual sliced her foot open on the barnacles that were attached to the boat. Muppet.

First Dive DONE

Thankfully, Kat hadn't managed to scare off our new friends, so we ventured past the first beach together. After a bit of a jungle trek, we came across the most beautiful beach ever, which only had one lone bar on it and the rest was completely empty for us to enjoy! A day of sunbathing, bobbing and eating ensued.

Tabeetah makes an appearance


We were reunited for dinner, and on Eanna's recommendation headed to La Mami's Italian for dinner, where  Mami was our waitress, bartender and chef all rolled into one. She was quite the character and dished up the best carbonara Imy's ever had! We then headed to Coco's for some drinks...but being the crafty crocs that we are, resorted back to our student days of smuggling in a bottle of voddi to save the pennies. We also made some new friends in the form of father-son duo David and Daniel.

Day 3: Imy went diving and became a certified diver!! Kat hung about on the beach some more. We then said a very sad farewell to Eanna and Elaine, who were heading back to the mainland. 

Certified divers!

The next day, Kat was giddy with joy at having her playmate back, and alongside Kiki and some other Dutchies we headed off on a boat trip. An hour late, Davy (the captain) finally got his act together and we set off for a small island to do some snorkelling. Unfortunately, half way there the engine cut out, so practical Davy decided that we should fish instead. He then got the engine going and quickly changed his mind, so we pulled up the lines and got our snorkels out. We saw some monks learning to snorkel! 

The dingbat that is 'Captain Davy'

Imy AKA Karl Pilkington

After a quick snorkel, we got back on the boat for a second snorkel stop, only for the engine to cut out again! The now familiar phrase of "ok, we fish" was said and the lines were dropped. Kiki was an absolute natural but once caught she had a moral dilemma of what to do with the "effing fish"... so she just left it flapping about on the surface, still attached to her hook. Imy caught a weeny one, Kat caught none. Davy's mate was a fish guru and he was pulling a fish out of the water every few seconds. With enough fish caught, and after Davy had completey taken the engine apart, blown every part and then put it back together again, we were off to Long Beach (7km long) to watch the sunset and feast on the day's catch.

Sunset bob

National Geographic?

We met some people on the boat back to the main beach (at this point our boat was being towed) and met up that night for a cracking game of Mafia, led by Joanna. A little tipsy, we were gutted that our time on the island had come to an end but were looking forward to the joys of Kampot!

Serious game of Mafia

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