Friday, 17 May 2013

Mui Ne

Thinking Mui Ne would be a pristine beach town, we were a tad surprised to turn up and find a desolate Russian tourist resort. But alongside our bus pals, Rose and Alex, we managed to find some rather nice little bungalows. A walk along the one road that constitutes Mui Ne proved that there wasn't much more to see or do other than one of the tours that takes you to the nearby sand dunes, so we booked onto one for the following day.

We love a good hammock

After dinner at the cheapest restaurant we could find, we popped down to the local quiz night at the fanciest bar in town. We thought our valiant efforts would place us about sixth, but thanks to Imy knowing the names of Henry VIII's three illigitiate children and Rose being able to identify the theme tune to Ally McBeal, we came FIRST!! Absolutely buzzing from our win, we sipped on our winners' cocktails beside the pool, grinning like goons.

Number one baaaby

Winners' cocktails

After our tour guide eventually decided to rock up we headed off for the sand dunes. We first stopped at the fairy stream, where our delightful tour guide gave us half an hour to roam. We wandered up the stream and stumbled across an ostrich. Seizing the opportunity, we all had a ride around the enclosure. The ostrich was not a happy bunny. Scared that we had contracted ostrich rabies, we headed back to our radgey guide who took us to take photos of a fishing village.

Fairy in the fairy stream

Hold on tight

A damn fine ostrich

We then got to the white sand dunes and finally had the opportunity to partake in a little sand boarding. We had a race and Imy trumped Kat, before Rose took her down a peg or two in a full-on crash - really fun, apart from the aftermath of sand in every crevice possible. To finish the day, we were taken to the red sand dunes to watch the sunset. However, due to a sky full of ominous clouds it wasn't the best we have seen.

Sand crash

Took us ages to write that...


After such a tiring day we headed to the sea front for a fresh fish supper (chicken for Imy). Kat finally got what she had been wanting for so long..a whole fresh lobster just for her!! It was a crustacean of meaty deliciousness.

Lobster destroyer

The next day we enjoyed a lovely relaxing morning beside a fancy pool, before trogging off to Nha Trang in the afternoon.

So at home

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