Monday, 20 May 2013

Nha Trang

We arrived quite late but Kat managed to source an absolute bargain of a hotel, while Imy minded the bags. Feeling peckish, we strolled down the road to a hot dog joint and enjoyed a taste of the west. A spontaneous decision was made and we booked onto a snorkel trip for the next day. Little did we know that we had just booked on to the ultimate booze cruise, where "partying hard" was the main objective. Therefore, at 10am we found ourselves sipping on a beer and cringeing to the pit of our stomach at the 18 year olds prancing about to Carly Rae Jepson (although Kat couldn help a little foot tap in time to the tuuune).


The first stop was an aquarium - not quite what we were expecting from the firt 'snorkel stop' but of course we didn't want to shell out any more dollar, so we sat around waiting for everyone. Back on the boat we were jubilant when we finally stopped at an actual snorkel spot. Donning our old-school masks we hit the crystal clear water and squealed with delight at the little fish. There were hundreds of Chinese tourists bobbing about in life jackets but luckily for us they didn't dare go out of their depth and we were able to snorkel in peace. 

Beach bum

After snorkelling, it was time for lunch and karaoke; the part of the trip that we had been dreading most. It actually turned our to be the highlight! The crew assembled a make shift drum set and dressed up as lady boys to belt out some tunes before bringing people of different nationalities up on stage to partake in a song from their country. The winner hands down was Japan, who after 2 beers was absolutely sloshed and just kept shouting out "Konnichiwa, I'm from Japan". He then sung his heart out, eyes closed and all.

'The best boy band in Vietnam'

After lunch it was time to jump off the top deck of the boat and enjoy the floating bar in a rubber ring. Next on the agenda of fun was sunbathing on deck chairs, which you obviously had to pay more money for. Alongside the annoying youngsters, we opted to stay on the boat, where a Puerto Rican whittered at us for what seemed like hours. Finally it was time to head back and we couldn't wait to meet back up with Alex and Rose, who were due to arrive that evening.

The floating bar

Daring devil

Opting to avoid the Sailing Club, the snazzy beach joint where eveyone from the boat trip had agreed to meet, we went across the road and made the most of happy hour, while playing pool with a nice Irish chap called Tommy. Imy kicked his butt.
Reunited with Rose and Alex, we made our way to Nha Trang's famous mud baths early the next morning. Covering ourselves in the brown gunk was actually quite a pleasant experience. Once our 15mins of fun was done we had a shower, then a mineral shower and finally a mineral bath. We felt like absolute ladies of leisure as we sat beside the pool drying off with ice creams in our chubby little hands.

Mineral bath

We spent the afternoon at the beach, choosing bracelets and nipping into the sailing club's loos whenever nature called.

Shagglers (sh*t hagglers)

All too soon it was time for our bus to Hoi An and Imy had to say a sad farewell to Kim, the (male) Cambodian group leader that she had become a tad obsessed with.

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