Friday, 3 May 2013

Kampot and Kep

We Arrived into Kampot after a lovely little mini bus ride and went straight to Olly's place on the river front. It was a beautiful guesthouse and for $5 a bungalow per night it was ridiculous value for money! It was a little out of Kampot, so we walked in along the river - lavly jabbly. Elaine and Eanna had recommended 'the rusty keyhole' for its famous ribs and soon enough we were tucking into the most succulent pork ribs we have ever had. Daniel and David pulled up on their mopeds (studs) and after a couple of bevies we found ourselves playing a rather sweaty pool tournament, thank goodness David introduced us to the wonders of talc!

View from Olly's

Great rack

Pool champ

The next day we both manned up and hired a moped each. With our helmets securely fastened, we were off up the mountain Bakkor. After a slow and somewhat nervous start we got into the swing of it and the nerves turned into enjoyment. The views on the way up the mountain were unbelievable, and the brand new roads made for a brilliant ride.

Biker chick

Absolute gran

Once at the top we went to a waterfall which looked a little dry then rode across to the casino. We didn't really understand what a casino was doing at the top of a mountain but we bet a dollar…and promptly lost a dollar.

Bit dry

Making the most of our transportation we headed off to Kep, famous for its crab. After finally arriving (the roads were horrendous there were doubts as to whether we would make it) we pulled up to the local market. The women there were just pulling baskets full of crabs out of the sea – we don’t know where they were all coming from! Kat swiftly ordered a kilo and the woman brought them over, still shuffling around in the bag, to check if Kat was happy before sending them off for a very hot bath.


Within 10 minutes they were back, and armed with a knife we both went for it. They were so fresh that even Imy enjoyed a bit of their meaty pincer! Kat was in fishy heaven.
We were still slightly peckish after crab so we hit up the local pizzeria and got a cheesy feast - best pizza since we have been away.

Fish delight

If we thought the roads were bad on the way there, we were in for a shock when we set off for home. We appeared to have hit Cambodian rush hour. There were massive trucks all over the road and the amount of dust they were creating was a rather hazardous. Being the expert moped drivers that we now were, this was not an issue for us and we made it home in one piece...with half of the road surface now coated on our skin... mucky pups.

Next stop: the capital city of Pnom Penh.

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