Thursday, 9 May 2013

Phnom Penh

We got a bus from kampot but this was no ordinary bus, this was a Cambodian luxury cruiser (wifi included)! As per usual, on arrival we got ripped off by a tuk tuk driver, who took us around the corner to our hostel. Kat and Imy: 1, Scammers: 1. For the first time since we have been away we experienced the bliss of A/C in this muggy heat. We had to pry ourselves away from the freshness of our dorm room to explore the capital.

First stop: food. We found the local market and dug into something noodley. Unfulfilled by our noodley dish, we also chomped on a fresh baguette before dropping Imy's camera off to get fixed. With such a lovely hotel  it would be silly to waste time, so we made the most of the playing pool beside it.

Fresh Eel anyone?


Up early we made a start on one of the most eye-opening and sad days of our trip. Alongside a French-Italian man named Bruno, we headed off to the killing fields, where  an audio guide talked us through the horror of the place. We learnt a lot about the Khmer Rouge and their awful regime led by Pol Pot, which resulted in millions of Cambodians being killed and tortured, without any western countries even realising. 

Bracelets left in commemoration

Being the apparent masochists that we are, we then went off to Tuol Sleng prison (codename S21) - the prison where people were held before being taken to the killing fields. The museum held the photographs of hundreds of prisoners, including children. It was very upsetting and after a short time we deided enough was enough and headed for the exit. This is where we met one of the survivors of the prison. When the prison was first shut down, it was believed that only seven people had survived the brutality of the place. Mr. Chum Mey was one of these seven. We were shocked that a man who had experienced so much could be so warm and smiley. Needless to say, we bought his book.

Mr. Chum Mey an incredible guy

We headed back to the market for some cheap local food and Bruno being daring ordered a chicken dish, which consisted more of chicken fat, bone and innards. We were both very glad that we ordered veg rice!

As it was our last night we went and explored the night market, which sells all the same things as a regular market except you are shopping in the dark. It was also Dan and David's last night so we went and met them for a couple of farewell bevvies. The next morning we were up bringht and early for our bus to VIETNAM BAAABY. 

Next stop: Ho Chi Minh City.

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