Monday, 2 September 2013


Another day, another walking tour! We’re becoming quite fond of these. This one was with a bit of a twist though, as the guide took us to loads of cheap restaurants, where we were given little tasters. We also got taken to a mini zoo thing, where we could get up close and personal with the llamas! Although, we were both a little scared that they would spit at us, so we didn’t actually get very close.

Awaiting their fate

Llama factory

Showing us how it's done




After the walking tour, we accompanied some fellow Brits to a tourist agency to book onto a one day Colca Canyon tour (appaz it’s deeper than the Grand Canyon). We weren’t invited to the Brits’ special meal (RUDE), so we went and found ourselves a bargain of a dinner – 3 course meal with a glass of wine and a cocktail for a fiver! Bargain ahoy.

Well posh grub

It was a 3am start for the Canyon - of course it couldn’t start at a reasonable hour. So we snoozed in the car as we climbed to a ridiculous altitude. After a quick bite to eat, we finally got to see the main event: the flight of the condors. They are massive, ugly birds that swooped all around the canyon, looking for some brekky. The rest of the day was spent hopping in and out of the car for photos at different viewpoints.

There it is

Flight of the condors

Stop donkeying around

Whereeee'ssss Kat?

Oh, there it is again!

Excuse me mate, you've got a bird on your head.

The highest point, we could hardly breathe!

Vicuña: the rarest of all the llamas

That evening, we had a couple of drinks in the bar and played some beer pong before heading to another bar for a boogie. 

Next stop: Bolivia!

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