Saturday, 14 September 2013


Hoping to spend no money and chill out, we headed to Sucre, as we'd been told it was the perfect place to do this, and for once our source was right. The bus there was pretty dreamy too because for the first time in south america "full cama" was exactly what it said on the tin and we had a bed of 180° (who said bolivian buses were awful??).

Our second day in Sucre was National Pedestrian Day, meaning there were no cars on the road at all. When there was the odd car, children booed an jeered at them for breaking the rules. Seeing as there were no (or very few) cars on the road, you would have thought this would mean no accidents. However, the children took to the streets on their bicycles and one who had got a bit too cocky for her own good, went speeding around a corner and smashed into a pizza man and his cartload of pizzas, sending them flying. He was not a happy chappy and that's about the only thing that happened on that day.

No cars allowed!

Where the pizza incident occurred

Nice arch, but Imy prefers the golden variety...

Riding a lion
We spent the rest of the day blogging!

Oooh check me out blogging

The next day, having exhausted the joys of the market and all that Sucre has to offer, we were up early, hoping to be able to book onto a bus. On arrival at the booking office, we realised that we had already missed the bus and would have to spend another night in Sucre. So we made some soup.

Oooh check us out souping
After soup, we went to watch The Devil's Miner at the free cinema, which left Kat in floods of tears, as usual. We both headed to bed, hoping for a good night's sleep as we were due to leave early the next day. Unfortunately, Imy's guts had other ideas, and she spent most of the night firmly planted on the toilet with her head in the sink. We blame the ham from the market.

So we ended up spending another night in Sucre, as Imy couldn't risk losing anymore underpants. Two days later than planned, we finally left in search of stop: Uyuni!

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