Thursday, 26 September 2013

Iguazú Falls

For the first time ever, we were literally the only people on the bus, meaning we could fully recline without even a hint of guilt. 

Lazza on the bus

Our hostel was next door to the bus station, which was perfect because it meant we could dump our bags and head straight out for the falls without wasting a second. The small train to the waterfall from the entrance was included in the price, so we thought it would be silly to walk any more that strictly necessary, and took the train. Unfortunately it broke down and those that walked arrived at the falls before us. Bummer. 

Lazies on the train

Despite it being a rather dreary day, the falls looked amazing and we couldn't get over the sheer volume of water cascading down. Being suckers for all things fun, we couldn't resist getting the boat ride, which takes you right under the waterfall. For once we were prepared and had brought our 'waterproofs' but the falls had another idea, and we got completely soaked through. It was so cool and crazy to be up that close and personal that we didn't care. 

Before the soaking

After the soaking



We took a number of walking routes around the area, which gave us different views of Iguazú. The highlight came when we reached the Devil's Throat (Garganta del diablo), where you are literally stood on top of the falls, inches away from the plummeting water and praying that the rooky steel structure will hold up.

The Devil's Throat

Thumbs up for Iguazú

We also saw some amazing wildlife in the form of angry raccoons, snarling monkeys and our first ever toucan!

Radgy racoons

Smiley monkey

Next stop: Brazil!!

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