Sunday, 1 September 2013

Peru: Mancora and Lima

After our jungle fun, we also went to Cuenca, but it isn’t worth writing about. We made a slightly rooky error when crossing the border to Peru, as we only booked a bus to the border and not actually over the border. Hence, we ended up in an unlicenced taxi, praying for our lives. Thankfully, he only ripped us off by $20 and we’re still alive to tell the tale. We finally got to Mancora, after being dropped off by the dodgy taxi man in Tumbes, and were rewarded by the delights of Loki – more of a resort than a hostel. The intention was to spend three days sunning ourselves, but after 5 days of sunning and drinking we finally managed to pry ourselves off the sunbeds and onto a bus for Lima.


House of Light

Beach horse stroll

Sunset time

You know it..

Kat and the Irish

Tea-cup pool

 Cruz del Sur buses are a lifesaver. Complete with “air” hostess, personal TVs and meals, we were in transport heaven and the 20 hour bus journey went surprisingly quickly.

Did we mention it had bingo?..

Lima didn’t tick our boxes, and we spent only one night in the capital of Peru (just long enough to book a bus ticket out). However, we did manage to get to the local market and buy Kat yet another back pack to replace the $8 Vietnamese North Face knock off. Grimness aside, we found a great little restaurant just around the corner from our hostel, which was cheap as chips. Sooner than expected, we found ourselves back on a Cruz del Sur bus and heading to Cusco.

Sums up Lima pretty well..

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