Thursday, 26 September 2013

Brazil: Paraty

When we got off the bus in Sao Paulo, we felt like whooping with delight, having just completed the final night bus of our trip. The excitement was shortlived, however, as we soon realised that we would have to wait for three hours before our next bus to Paraty, and that the bus would actually take seven hours, as opposed to the three that we had anticipated.

We finally arrived in Paraty and a nice Polish boy, who is building his a house in the jungle that surrounds Paraty, showed us to our hostel. The owner greeted us with beer and his mum's homemade empanadas! Officially the best greeting ever. We spent some time on the beach before calling it a night, hoping that the next day would bring better weather.

Morning dawned and we were greeted by another drizzly day but we were determined to make the most of the short time we had left, so hopped on a local bus to Trindade beach. The beach was stunning and we had a bit of a photo shoot, but after an hour of sitting in the cold we decided enough was enough and headed back to Paraty.

Seems to be a fave pose lately


Ooohh fancy

Rock climbing


We wandered around the stunning little town, almost breaking our ankles on the cobbled streets and hardly taking our eyes off the ground. That evening the hostel owner treated us to our first caipirinhas and even taught Kat how to make them! The night was then filled with an abundance of caipirinhas and we went to bed a little tipsy.


Spot Kat's pea head

Deathly cobbles

Free drinks ahoy

Next (and final) stop: Rio de Janeiro

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